Automatyczna lakiernia

Paint shop automation

The difficulty in automating paint processes is the multitude of subsystems used in paint shops. Paint processes are constantly being

Stanowiska zrobotyzowane

Robotic cells

Industrial robots, when used in the production process, increase production capacity and improve product quality. In our projects, we focus

stanowiska kontroli szczelności

Quality control stations

Competitive advantage can be gained by offering high-quality products at a low price. To achieve this, a reliable quality control

Maszyny CNC Obróbcze

CNC / Machining Machines

We supply modern machinery adapted to Industry 4.0. standards. Our team of engineers gained experience in the largest corporations in

Automatyczne Maszyny Montażowe

Automatic assembly machines

Well-designed automatic assembly machines allow multiplying the assembling process performance, as compared to manual work, with an increase in quality.

Stanowiska material handling

Material handling stations

The logistics of materials and products in the plant are as important as the process of their production. Improper logistics


With the development of vision technology, robots are gaining new practical applications. One of the long-awaited capabilities of robotic arms

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