Machine building

Custom manufacturing machines building

We build custom production machines, fully automated production lines, and automatic assembly lines. Every machine we build is customized: it is designed with your specific production process in mind.
Automatyczna lakiernia

Paint shop automation

The difficulty in automating paint processes is the multitude of subsystems used in paint shops Paint processes are constantly being

Stanowiska zrobotyzowane

Robotic cells

Industrial robots when used in the production process increase production capacity and improve product quality In our projects we focus

stanowiska kontroli szczelności

Quality control stations

Competitive advantage can be gained by offering high quality products at a low price To achieve this a reliable quality

Maszyny CNC Obróbcze

CNC / Machining Machines

We supply modern machinery adapted to Industry 4 0 standards Our team of engineers gained experience in the largest corporations

Automatyczne Maszyny Montażowe

Automatic assembly machines

Well designed automatic assembly machines allow multiplying the assembling process performance as compared to manual work with an increase in

Stanowiska material handling

Material handling stations

The logistics of materials and products in the plant are as important as the process of their production Improper logistics


With the development of vision technology robots are gaining new practical applications One of the long awaited capabilities of robotic

How do we implement projects?



The first and most important step in the process. Here, we will understand the problem to be solved or the process to be improved.



Knowing the goal, we will design a solution. We develop the best possible design based on available technology, desired effect, and budget.



The finished machine is tested with the use of parts provided by the customer. The tests are repeated until the machine has achieved all the goals.



Our specialists assemble and start the machine at the customer’s site. We provide the necessary training, schematics, as well as operating instructions.

Our products and services

As a few automation integrators, we have an extensive R&D department. Its task is to observe trends and learn about new technologies. As a result, we create complete systems used not only in factories, but also in the service business.

Safety system


Find out how to make your production line or warehouse safer for humans.

Autonomous mower

Unitem Mower

Check our autonomy system for lawnmower manufacturers.

Special and prototype machines - custom machines

Custom industrial machines manufacturer

We specialize in automation and robotization of production. We build industrial and production machines according to customers’ requirements. We start the projects from the design phase of the industrial machine and usually end with commissioning the machine at the customer’s factory.

We carry out the commissioned automation and robotization of the production process with diligence and within the agreed time.

We build and design prototype machines and special (non-standard) machines. We are a manufacturer!

To meet the expectations of production leaders, we offer atypical machines used in production processes. The atypicality of the machines we offer is based on unit production. For each order, we prepare a new project containing dedicated solutions for a given production process.

Our customers entrust us with information related to their production technology: the machine site, details of the assembly process, components to be inspected, and material technology of semi-finished products. Most of the data we receive from them is confidential, so we do not want to and cannot disclose this data.

Providing top-quality services has led the company to have extensive design, construction, research, and development departments, as well as automation and tool rooms. Having these departments means that we do not outsource sensitive work (related to technology) to others.

When designing and building production machinery, we have to adapt to all customer requirements. Completed projects for production machines and long-term contact with our customers help us understand their future needs. As a result, we not only meet customers’ current expectations, but also adapt machines to their future requirements in the design phase. Examples of solutions to meet future customer needs:
  • machine preparation for the replacement of assembly seats (the company purchased 10 assembly seats over 6 years instead of 7 machines),
  • installation of a duplicated feeder in a Pick and Place machine (the company increased its production capacity without additional financial expenses),
  • use of a 3d vision system instead of the required 2d (in a short time, the machine was upgraded so that human participation in the production process was not required),
  • adding proprietary solutions in leakage testing machines to reduce the testing time,
  • applying solutions to upgrade our machines to the standards of the 4th industrial revolution.
Creating prototype machines and special machines is our driving force. Our team of designers, automation engineers, and R&D programmers will undertake the creation of not only large, complete production lines or robotic production cells, but also fully automatic assembly and inspection stations and custom projects.

In the manufacturing market of built in unit quantities production machines for many industries, it has become accepted that production machines manufactured to a specific customer order are called prototype machines.

Unitem also designs and builds prototype machines and equipment. They are designed with the customer’s specific requirements in mind. Once the prototype is delivered, we provide documentation along with the machine’s production and operation technology. This enables the customer to undertake the production of these machines or serial equipment in a short time.

Special machines are not mass-produced machines. They are needed to fulfil unique production processes of production lines in manufacturing companies.

All the machines we supply to our customers are special machines used at different stages of production. Non-standard machines are also special machines.

By receiving accurate information from our customers, we can manufacture a special machine that meets their expectations and needs.

We are not afraid of challenges!

Initially, our company was founded to meet the needs of the automotive market. Products in this market must be characterized by precision, accuracy, repeatability and, most importantly, quality workmanship.

Currently, our specialty is providing prototype machines and building complete production lines. We ship our products to many European, American, and Asian countries. We operate in many markets, supplying machines to the medical device market, food production, furniture, window manufacturing, and automotive markets.

We supply our automation solutions to both small manufacturers and large production facilities. We execute orders carefully so that our production machines can work for many years, often in difficult conditions (weight of products, high dustiness of production rooms, high temperatures, contact with hazardous substances).

Because of our commitment and professionalism, customers are eager to return to us. When customers change their offerings, they modify the production machines designed at Unitem with our help, enabling the production of upgraded products.

In carrying out the tasks entrusted to us by our customers, we combine technologies available on the market to offer refined and reliable production machines.

Quality, safety, and reliability are our strengths. Due to the delivery of equipment to highly specialized markets, we meet the agreed machine manufacture deadlines.

We use only proven solutions and technologies. As a result, our machines and equipment are CE-marked, which means they comply with Polish and European directives and standards.

The market for system integrators has changed a lot in recent years. Narrowly specialized companies can hardly meet the current customer demands for quality of production machinery, production automation deadlines, or even consulting companies on recommended industrial systems. Currently, manufacturing companies are not the only recipients of our offer. A large part of the orders concerning:
  • machine and equipment design,
  • construction of CNC equipment,
  • robotization and automation of production processes,
  • modernization of production lines,
  • and even just consulting on the selection of systems
are carried out by our company as a subcontract. We employ a highly specialized staff of engineers and process engineers, we have the appropriate programs and machines, equipment, and a large hall, where the working part and the testing part are located:
  • robotization of production,
  • operation of systems with artificial intelligence,
  • innovative safety systems,
  • as well as other solutions provided for testing and implementation.
That is why we invite you to our headquarters located in Wroclaw. See for yourself what kind of manufacturer of machinery and equipment we are. Our main advantages are versatility, timeliness and permanent staff (there is almost no employee turnover in our company).

We will build the machine for you!

The success of your company is also the success of our machines. We also care that your competition is left far behind – that’s why we will give our best in this race!