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Modular Autonomy System

Our solution turns any commercial mower into an AUTONOMOUS ROBOT that safely mows large areas without human intervention.

Autonomy - a missing puzzle in the story

The history of lawn mowers and mowing services dates back to the early XIX century. From human powered reel mowers, through the first steam and gasoline propelled machines at the dawn of the 20th century. Easy to manoeuvre and productive zero-turn mowers introduced in the 1950s and the first fully electric mowing tractors in the 1970s. Modern models are not significantly different from their predecessors and still require an operator to perform boring, dirty, tedious and often dangerous work.

Yet, the industry is struggling with a lack of employees. Experienced operators retire and, despite rising salaries, there are too few new ones. Labour shortage constrain development of the landscaping companies for which mowing constitutes as much as 45% of the revenue.

We solved this problem by liberating human from the mower seat letting them become a commander of an army of robots

Obstacle detection system

Thanks to our unique data set and a dedicated machine learning algorithm, the autonomy system for lawn mowers perfectly recognizes grass, people and other objects, even those that are as small as mobile phones. Our system works in various terrain, lighting, and weather conditions.

1300 h
20000 ar
98 %
1800 m2/h

Automation and performance monitoring

Check our mower’s performance in the field, obstacle avoidance capabilities, and efficiency of autonomous mowing.

The Modular Autonomy System not only supports workers in mowing, but also relieves them of the burden of monitoring the mower’s performance. The system constantly monitors the status of the machine and its systems. It allows you to remotely supervise the status and job progress with a dedicated mobile application.


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