Improvement of production processes – Software Department

Optimization of production processes is a key aspect of improving company management. Its implementation brings a number of benefits, such as better control over resources and lower labor costs while increasing productivity.

Our systems are tailored to meet the needs of any business that seeks to improve efficiency and achieve higher profits. With our offered optimization of production processes, there is no need to engage in traditional methods of data analysis or wait for the results of months of work by analysts.

Developed Systems


Systems that collect data from machines involved in key operations to enable full control of factory processes. This information is transferred via dedicated software to a common server, where it is used to develop a solution using machine learning techniques.


Our innovative technology based on thermovision allows us to accurately analyze the temperature changes of the workpieces under examination. An algorithm based on artificial intelligence compares the temperature waveforms of different areas, enabling precise identification of any leaks.


The technology developed as part of the project makes it possible to define virtual curtains and security areas to suit individual users’ needs. The system is designed to monitor security in a variety of working environments.

Maximize technological potential

Our Software division operates at the intersection of industry and software, focusing on creating innovative solutions that leverage the potential of technology, especially in the areas of artificial intelligence.

We focus on providing advanced solutions that leverage the full potential of artificial intelligence and technology to support companies in achieving higher efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

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