Thermosafety – vision security systems

Person detection system in life-threatening areas


Human recognition system

THERMOSAFETY 3D is a complex system with the highest human recognition performance: precise and real-time.

The use of three vision systems, cameras: RGB, depth and thermal imaging, made it possible to create a device that works reliably even in the most difficult environments. High performance allows integration in demanding configurations: robots, workstations, conveyors. THERMOSAFETY 3D is equipped with a PLC as standard.

Examples of TS-3D applications


THERMOSAFETY 3D can control the operation of machines. It will stop or slow down the operation of the machine when a worker enters its working area. In addition, it will display warning signals!


Turning on an injection molding machine or press with a person inside is an example of an extremely dangerous situation. THERMOSAFETY 3D, once it detects a person inside such machines, can completely block its startup.


In areas with limited visibility, such as dark warehouses or dusty production halls, THERMOSAFETY 3D will still detect workers and, for example, inform them of the possibility of collisions with forklifts or other vehicles.


Warning and monitoring Traffic in hazardous areas

THERMOSAFETY LITE is a stereovision camera system that recognizes humans in observed areas. The device offers a unique networking capability, improving the range and accuracy of human detection.

The device consists of a stereovision camera and an AI system that analyzes the observed image and 3D space. When a human is detected, the device displays selected warning signals.
The functionality of the device can be expanded by connecting it to the THERMOSAFETY HUB.


Examples of TS LITE applications

Thermosafety Lite - przejscia i skrzyzowania


Carts and other industrial vehicles pose the greatest danger when they appear suddenly. THERMOSAFETY LITE will monitor hidden areas and send warnings when a vehicle and worker are in the path of a collision.
Thermosafety Lite - małe obszary wspólne


THERMOSAFETY LITE can monitor areas where forklifts and pedestrians often move in the same area. A warning signal that lights up when pedestrians and forklifts are in the same area can prevent unpleasant situations.

Thermosafety Lite - wejścia na ścieżkę


Exits to corridors directly onto the path are troublesome to secure. With THERMOSAFETY LITE, we can inform the approaching cart already in the corridor. Likewise, we will warn the cart driver of an approaching employee before the employee opens the door!


Construction of extensive zones warning and traffic monitoring

The THERMOSAFETY HUB allows you to build a network of THERMOSAFETY LITE devices. The server with high computing power supports up to 8 stereo cameras and is equipped with a PLC to control the devices.

High performance allows you to expand the functionality! Using the power of the THERMOSAFETY HUB server makes it possible to combine observed areas, delineate warning zones, and history and analyze events. All with increased precision and detection performance.

Examples of TS HUB applications

Thermosafety Hub - duże strefy rozładunkowe


Large plazas with increased cart traffic are areas where drivers should be extra careful. Such areas can be monitored using several THERMOSAFETY LITE devices and when people are detected, drivers can be informed of their presence.
Thermosafety Hub - skomplikowane skrzyżowania


Using THERMOSAFETY HUB with several THERMOSAFETY LITE cameras, we can monitor several, different sections of the same intersection. Recognition of approaching people or oncoming carts will allow effective traffic management at this location.

Thermosafety Hub - zamknięte obszary rozładunkowe


Some production areas are protected from the entry of workers. Their presence is allowed only at certain times. By combining THERMOSAFETY LITE, we can observe large production lines and alert people to entry at specific times.

Online system for event analytics

With selected THERMOSAFETY systems you will analyze a detailed history of events!


Monitor the zones around the cranes

THERMOSAFETY CRANE is a stand-alone device designed to monitor the environment of operating cranes. It warns of people near or in the path of the load being moved.

The device features four stereovision cameras and an AI system that analyzes the space around the load. The device is effortless to install. It offers full coverage of the area around the load. Warning signals are displayed when a hazard is detected. It is possible to mount a vibrating overlay on the control panel of the crane.


Examples of TS CRANE applications


The primary purpose of the THERMOSAFETY CRANE is to prevent people from being struck by carried loads. The THERMOSAFETY CRANE observes the surroundings around the load and lights a warning light when it detects a person.


Overhead cranes often carry parts after cutting, machining or other processing. Falling debris, scraps or other waste can endanger workers. The THERMOSAFETY CRANE can help avoid the danger – informing approaching workers of the danger.

Exceptional capabilities

By using vision systems that operate in different spectral ranges, the system is characterized by very high robustness and reliability of operation under changing environmental conditions.

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