Automatic assembly machines

Well-designed automatic assembly machines allow multiplying the assembling process performance, as compared to manual work, with an increase in quality. This is possible thanks to repeatability, poka-yoke systems, sensors, and vision systems that are inseparably connected to Industry 4.0. We will be happy to upgrade your assembly process by transforming it to the I4.0 standard.

Stable, high quality with reduced production costs

Production lines’ assembly process automation gives many entrepreneurs a boost to growth and development, freeing them from:

  • increase in production costs,
  • the need to look for workers in a limited labor market,
  • a large amount of NOKs,
  • varying product quality,
  • hazards to the health of assembly workers.

Simplification of assembly processes and more

We help our Clients in facing these challenges. After learning about the Client’s goals and production process, we will design and build a complete production or assembly line tailored to their needs. Our special production machines will:

  • put the company on the path of Industry 4.0,
  • increase the efficiency of the production line,
  • standardize the quality of products,
  • improve the company’s profitability,
  • simplify the production process,
  • minimize the number of technological downtimes.


In the future, I will be happy to commission further projects for Unitem. The team dedicated to the project was flexible and easily adapted to new situations. I was regularly contacted at every project stage, thanks to which I was up to date with its status.
Grzegorz Mikita
production engineer, KIRCHHOFF Automotive GmbH


How do we implement projects?



The first and most important step in the process. Here, we will understand the problem to be solved or the process to be improved.



Knowing the goal, we will design a solution. We develop the best possible design based on available technology, desired effect, and budget.



The finished machine is tested with the use of parts provided by the customer. The tests are repeated until the machine has achieved all the goals.



Our specialists assemble and start the machine at the customer’s site. We provide the necessary training, schematics, as well as operating instructions.

Guarantee and safety

All the machines we build are safe and meet the most stringent requirements. Our machines are mainly based on PLC control. All the parts we use come from the best manufacturers. We closely adapt the project to customers’ requirements by developing concepts of operation and construction of machines together with them. We choose the most simple and most durable solutions when designing industrial machines and building robotic production machines. An example is our leak testing machines, where the proposed solutions reduce the test time up to 80% of the time. This makes the machines we build cheaper, more durable, and less complicated.

In doing so, we are not afraid to use non-standard ways of manufacturing parts. We also often offer customers alternative approaches to their production processes. This results in savings and increased durability of the assembly machines we build. We strive to establish long relationships with customers on a win-win business basis.

We are a recommended system integrator, so we have regular customers to whom we automate production processes.


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We will build the machine for you!

The success of your company is also the success of our machines. We also care that your competition is left far behind – that’s why we will give our best in this race!