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Autonomous mower

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Check how to add autonomy to your lawnmower.

Program name:

Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020, Measure 1.1: “R&D projects of enterprises”, Sub-action 1.1.1: “Industrial research and development work carried out by enterprises”.

Project title:

“Design and validation in real conditions of an autonomous lawn mower for professional use, including the development of novel, dedicated control algorithms.”

Implementation period:

01.04.2019 – 31.05.2022

Project value:

11,097,981.91 PLN

Value of co-financing:

7,780,689.47 PLN

Information about the project:

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020. The project is implemented under the competition of the National Center for Research and Development: Competition No. 4/1.1.1/2018 “Fast Track” for SMEs.

The aim of the project is to design and build a fully autonomous mowing device for professional customers. The main idea of the project is to create a fully autonomous mower that will do the job without involving the human factor in the process of determining the path of movement of the device. The device that is the subject of the project, in the process of determining the path of mowing and avoiding obstacles, will not require installation of boundary wires or limiting devices. In the mower built under the project, the mowing path will be determined based on data from:
(a) a vision system;
(b) a Lidar scanner – creating a map of the area within 50 meters of the mower;
(c) sonic and optical distance sensors.
The result of the project will be an autonomous mower with an innovative mowing system (central module and mower modules) and software based on machine learning (deep learning) algorithms, discrete optimization, and advanced robotic methods. With the implementation of appropriate safety procedures, the newly designed device will guarantee a high level of safety for people, animals, and property.